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Healing Hope Tribe has been the light at the end of my tunnel. They answered my questions so quickly and with such detail. . . .


Easy to move through, organized, and up to date. The course was easy to access and quite helpful, especially for those who are new to this or are overwhelmed already.


I love that they are short videos so you can squeeze them into your day easier. Everything you need to begin your biomed journey!


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Roadmap of Courses

Not sure where to begin? We’ve got you covered with step by step courses.

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Everything biomed – organized, searchable, and backed by research at your fingertips.

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Ask questions, get help and support. Be part of a community of parents who get you.

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Over 100 autism-related books for you to read. US members get books shipped both ways free.

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Keeps negativity out, protects you and your child’s privacy, and lets us focus on serving.

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Our content is vetted by professionals for clarity and accuracy so you can trust it.

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We prohibit abuse, soliciting, and bullying for a safe place to learn and educate yourself.

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Just click play on the video below for a quick look inside of our members’ site to get a feel for how it’s set up and the features we provide. There is only so much we can show you in 70 seconds so that’s why we offer a 3 day trial for only $3 so you can take your time looking at everything yourself. Check it out!

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Heal With Food

  • Three In-Depth Modules
  • Interview with a Certified Nutritionist
  • 24 Individual Lessons that take 5-10 minutes each
  • Go at your own pace
  • Over 3 1/2 hours of instructional video
  • Get questions answered in the community
  • Fun quizzes to enhance learning
  • Action steps and printables = tangible progress
  • Resource links throughout to show you the science
  • Support for picky eaters
  • Meal planning and recipe guidance

Individual Value $197*

*This course and the next 3 in the series now included in your monthly or annual membership at no additional cost.

Additional Courses

gather the data

support body systems

Help the brain heal

What Our Members Say. . .

“Healing Hope Tribe has been the light at the end of my tunnel. They answered my questions so quickly and with such detail. . . . I am obsessed with their course modules because I’m a geek like that 🤓 It has literally jump-started this journey for me and I cannot be happier to be here.” 


“Healing Hope Tribe – welcoming, soothing and reassuring. I am in many groups online, as well as TACA and that site was one of the first I found. I’m a bit younger and I felt a lot of the women in there were older, have been in it for awhile​ now. It wasn’t or unwanted kind of feeling, but I felt lost (in TACA).

The Healing Hope Tribe site is easy to move through, organized, and up to date. The course was easy to access and quite helpful, especially for those who are new to this or are overwhelmed already.

The Learning Lab may be my favorite feature. As a mother whose done digging over the years, this is a place that has done a lot of the late night work for you. I can’t thank you enough for doing this, and for taking the extra amount of time to make it feel and look right.”


“Very easy to access and loved content. I love that they are short videos so you can squeeze them into your day easier. Everything you need to begin your biomed journey!”


“It’s a one-stop place for all the info you need about healing your child and you have a great support community that helps get you from where you are to where you want to be. I like how information is substantiated by research and resources are available to corroborate all the info. My favorite thing about Healing Hope Tribe is how relevant it is… real experiences and advice from parents who have been there.”


Frequently Asked Questions


Are you going to be releasing content or is everything already there?

We will be releasing new content throughout each month.

How is your site different from other autism support sites?

We created Healing Hope Tribe with the features it has because as moms looking for support and resources, we were frustrated by the current options.  Although there are other options that provide value and are a fit for some, our aim is to create a place where you can review research, connect with other parents, and have an enjoyable learning experience as you become a calm, confident advocate for your child. We have set our pricing as low as possible while still covering our expenses so that more families can participate.

Why is it a membership? Why not free?

There are a lot of free resources out there and we encourage you to use whatever resources you can find. Having a membership format allows us to provide focused assistance, continuously develop new tools and content, and allow us to dedicate ourselves to this endeavor. We’re saving you thousands of hours of research and presenting it in a way that’s easier to understand by giving step-by-step guidance that you’re not going to find just surfing the web.   We’re also helping you through those steps by supporting you within a community. Having a paywall ensures the people that are part of our community are there for the right reasons and it limits abuse and negativity. It also protects your privacy and your child’s privacy in a way social media platforms cannot. A lot of time, funds, and work has gone into, and continues to go into, building and providing these tools. Our goal is to provide a valuable service that’s affordable for families.

How can I get my membership for free or at a reduced cost?

Our referral program pays 20% of the monthly membership fee to you for each person you bring into the community for as long as they remain a member (they must stay for at least 35 days). You will receive your referral bonus through your PayPal account each month.  Full details are available once you join. We intended this to be a way to thank our members for referrals, but also for a way for parents to offset the cost of membership.

Is your site still useful if I’m already seeing a doctor?

Yes!  In some cases, doctors simply aren’t familiar with other treatment options, therefore, aren’t able to educate you on all of the available treatment options and whether they’re appropriate for your child. When you utilize our courses and community, it gives you the confidence to be a better advocate and be a more knowledgeable, active participant in your child’s care.

When you join Healing Hope Tribe you are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t feel like you’ve received value and you decide you want to cancel any time within the next 30 days, just let us know and we’ll send you a prompt refund.

We’re confident that you’ll find our courses, resources, and member perks useful. We are creating a unique, supportive, safe space for parents to learn and help their children and each other thrive.

If you join us and don’t feel like you’ve found your tribe, THAT’S OKAY, just let us know in that first 30 days and we will refund you and wish you well on your journey.


You Can Access Healing Hope Tribe Right Away!


Healing Hope Tribe is NOT for everyone, and it’s better for you and for us, in the long run, to help you figure out if it’s not right for you BEFORE you join rather than waste your time. So, let’s cut to the chase…



  parents who are looking for answers and are committed to taking an active role in their child’s wellness program and becoming a confident,  educated advocate.

  individuals who are interested in learning more about biomedical treatments and protocols that have been used by others to improve health. We welcome respectful dialogue and don’t want to exclude anyone who feels they might benefit from the support and resources we provide.

  Moms and Dads who are feeling hopeless, isolated, or frustrated and are looking for a community of like-minded parents for support and guidance.  Create connections with parents like you around the world or even in your city! You don’t have to do this alone.

  caregivers, including grandparents, who want to understand the symptoms their grandchildren struggle with and how they can help. Your support and encouragement really can make a difference!

  therapists who want to learn more about the medical root of symptoms, to get new ideas about what may be causing behaviors.

Are you a provider interested in contributing to our community and helping our members? Click here and let’s discuss how we can help each other!


  looking for a magic pill – if your expectation is that a biomedical approach will resolve your child’s symptoms or repair their body overnight, we’re not the right choice for you!

  constantly trying random protocols and treatments without doing research or tracking progress/symptoms (and want to continue that approach), this isn’t a fit for you. Getting positive results takes knowledge, commitment, safety, and focus .

  not willing to dedicate time to solving your child’s puzzle and working toward their health and wellness. The biomedical approach has ups and downs and you may need to shift to healthier habits which can be challenging.

  looking for everything to be done for you or just to be told what to do. We aren’t medical professionals and can’t tell you what to do! We ARE knowledgeable, compassionate moms who have a ton of information to share to help YOU make the best choices for your family.

  expecting guaranteed results – we know what we teach helps the majority of people (because we’re doing it ourselves and we have coached other parents) but we can’t guarantee specific results from joining our community or educating yourself with our courses. We hate to break it to you, but no one, not even your doctor, can make that promise!

It might seem strange, us trying to talk you OUT of becoming part of our tribe – but truly if we aren’t your tribe and it’s just not the right fit then neither of us benefit.

We have a vested interest in your success (you won’t stick around long if we’re not helping, right?) – and that all starts by making sure Healing Hope Tribe is right for you before you join.

Meet the Moms Behind Healing Hope Tribe

Hi there! We’re Lily Holmes and Alexis Tibble, the moms who built this place from the ground up, and we’ve spent years learning everything we can about biomedical treatments and sharing that knowledge by guiding and educating other parents who came to us for help. We are passionate about sharing what we know because we have experienced the power of biomedical treatments to increase the wellness, development, and quality of life of our own kids.

Lily, with a psychology background and Life Coaching certification combined with over 3000 hours of research over the last several years, found herself being approached over and over again by parents and coaching them. She soon realized she needed a way to be able to help more people.  Alexis, with her background in marketing and a superpower when it comes to organization and execution, joined her in that vision and so Healing Hope Tribe was born.

In early 2018, we decided to take that one crazy idea and all of that knowledge and experience and use it to create the content, structure, and resources to help parents like you navigate biomed and help their kids thrive. We spent hundreds of hours over almost a year, building what you’ll see inside when you join our tribe. It is with a huge amount of pride that we can finally share it with you and we love spending our days creating content, supporting our members, and making a difference in the lives of as many people as we can.



Still not sure if you need the tools and support we provide?

We understand it can be tough to make a commitment. If the 30-day money-back guarantee doesn’t give you the peace of mind you need you can still try out the membership for 3 days for only $3.

If it’s not for you just cancel within 3 days with just a couple of clicks and you won’t be billed for a monthly membership.

If you love it you’ll be automatically upgraded to our monthly membership and get full access to everything we’ve got. YAY!


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